RECAP: Hoya Roundtable on Smoking


On October 24th, GUSA hosted a smoke free roundtable to discuss the possibility of transitioning Georgetown to a tobacco free campus. Over sixty students attended and enjoyed the nacho bar provided by GUSA. Charles DeSantis, the University’s Associate Vice President for Benefits and Wellness, presented to the attendees followed by an open forum for questions. DeSantis highlighted the path to a “Tobacco Free Georgetown” and the steps necessary to roll out the enforcement of this policy by August 2017.

DeSantis’s presentation revealed how Georgetown is in effect behind many other schools in the DC area in enforcing this much-needed policy. Cessation resources to aid students in quitting smoking are not heavily promoted and the 25-foot-rule is not commonly enforced. This lack of enforcement possibly correlates to the placement of ashtrays right outside major on campus buildings, such as the ICC and Lauinger Library.  

Students posed many plausible concerns regarding the placement of smoking areas, enforcement, cessation, and communication. A major concern voiced was the fear of marginalizing international students, many of whom are smokers. Short-term goals were voiced such as removing ashtrays in public areas in an effort to remove smoke from high traffic areas.   

Overall, this open roundtable discussion was the first of many opportunities for students to voice their concerns and comments on a smoke-free campus. This event jump-started the campaign, in hopes of ending smoking on campus by next year.


Meet the Senate!

Last week, the Georgetown student body elected the GUSA Senate for the 2016-2017 school year. You’ve been seeing their posts in the GAAP groups for the last few weeks and their posters hanging up all over campus. Here’s who won your votes:

Freshman North (Darnall & Harbin)

img_0148Billy O’Carroll (SFS ’20) – Undecided: I am from Milton, MA, which is right outside of Boston. I ran for GUSA because I did student government in high school and really enjoyed having a role in improving my school. My hope for this year is to at least discuss the possibility of moving freshmen elections to second semester so freshmen can run on more substantive platforms. I look forward to this year in GUSA!



img_0726Joshua Sirois (SFS ’20) – International Economics: As a freshman, this first month on the Hilltop has been crazy: moving to a new home, meeting new people, joining new organizations, deciding to run for GUSA Senate…it’s all been a blur! There have been ups and downs and moments in between, and I truly can’t imagine beginning my college experience in any other way. Like my first month on campus, I see that Georgetown, too, has its own ups and downs and moments in between, and that’s why I would say I ran for GUSA Senate. I want to be a mouthpiece for the student body in times of good, bad, and somewhere in between. I hope that I can do my part in making Georgetown the best community for each and every Hoya.

aneeshAneesh Rahangdale (COL ’20) – Political Economy: I am an avid runner, chill dude, and aspiring comedian from Tallahassee, Florida. As a senator, I hope to connect with the student body in ways I would not be able to otherwise and bring meal swipes to Epi.





Freshman South (Harbin & New South)

zach-oscin-15-very-small-cropZach Oschin (SFS ’20) – Global Business: I am so excited to be at Georgetown and to get to know the other freshmen. There is so much opportunity to improve the programs that already exist here, and I can help do it with input from my friends and peers.



javonJavon Price (SFS ’20) – International Politics: Hey everyone! My name is Javon Price and I’m excited to represent the Freshman of Freshman South this year in the Senate. A little bit about me: I’m from Fairfax, Virginia. In high school, I was an active member of student government and I’m ready to get to work this year in GUSA. Looking forward, I’m hoping to make sure that the Class of 2020 is represented in the Senate this year on issues such as: choosing the next dining provider, encouraging renovations of Freshman dorms, and strengthening the relationship between the students and the administration! I’m ready to work with you all this year and I’m excited for the things to come!

image1Charles Hajjar (MSB ’20) – Undecided: I’m from Milton, Massachusetts (just south of Boston) and decided to run for the GUSA senate to advocate for my fellow freshmen. I hope to tackle issues related to the meal swipe plans, aid in creating a more inclusive community for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and begin taking steps towards completely divesting the university’s endowment from fossil fuel companies.




North Campus (Henle & Arrupe)

owenOwen Hayes (COL ’18) – Government & EconomicsOriginally from New York, this is my second year in the GUSA Senate. I will be serving as the Chair of the Finance & Appropriations Committee this year, and I hope to work closely with student leaders to determine where funding can most effectively be allocated to improve the Georgetown experience for everyone.

Sitting senate photo.pngWilliam Morris (COL ’19) – Undecided: I had the privilege of serving in GUSA last year as freshman and I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of my constituents in Henle and Arrupe as well as for the good of Georgetown as a whole. I am particularly passionate about improving GUSA internally and partnering with campus organizations to create the best community possible. Last year, I worked with the GUSA Communications team and the Religious Inclusivity policy team. This year I hope to build upon past accomplishments and work alongside our new class of senators to make the Hilltop a better place. I believe that together we can make a lasting difference and I welcome the challenge of the work to come.

Central Campus (Copley, Former Jesuit Residence, Village C East)

white-houseCaroline Barnes (COL ’19) – French & Government: Hey Hoyas! My name is Caroline Barnes and I’m a sophomore from Croton-on-Hudson, New York, studying French and Government in the College. I live in Copley and am one of the three Senators representing Central Campus. This is my first year in the GUSA Senate, however I was an active volunteer in the Crenushe campaign last semester and am currently the secretary of the Arts policy team, as well as a member of the Dining Hall and Residential Life policy teams. During my first year at Georgetown, I was the Harbin Hall Council President and was able to organize monthly events, meet new freshman, and establish myself in a leadership role that helped acclimate other first years and create a smaller community here on campus. Although I enjoyed this position freshman year, I was ready to take it to the next level and explore other opportunities that were more issue-oriented and addressed the larger student-body. With this experience, in addition to the many years of student government in middle and high school, I am excited to bring my energy and ideas to the Senate and work closely with the incredible Executive who are equally passionate about bringing positive change to the Hilltop and GUSA as a whole.

guyEvan Farrara (COL ’19) – Political Economy: I hail from Palm City, Florida and have previously been involved in GUSA’s Freshman Executive Committee and Accessibility Policy Team. I hope to continue to work with the Accessibility Team to make this campus as inclusive as it can be and to work on a variety of Residential Living issues that I outlined in my campaign.


img_6860Hunter Estes (SFS ’19) – International Politics: I’m originally from Potomac, Maryland, and attended Georgetown Preparatory School. In high school, I was deeply impacted by the principles which drive the Jesuit education system. I was inspired to continue my Jesuit education at Georgetown. I recognize how incredibly blessed I am to attend Georgetown and just hope that in my short time on the Hilltop I can have an impact that will last long after I’m gone. I have been active on the executive side so far, as president of VCW Hall Council, Vice-Chair of the Free Speech team, and a student rep. to the Board of Governors and hoped to extend my impact further by joining the student senate. I greatly look forward to the good that I can have on the community that means so much to me.

South Campus (Village A)

West Campus (Southwest Quad)

FullSizeRender-1.pngJasmin Ouseph (SFS ’19) – STIA: I’m from Pembroke Pines, FL (it’s kinda near Miami, I guess). I love dogs, tea, pretending I’m a photographer, tagging people in memes, etc. I ran for GUSA last year because I thought I could ~make a difference~ and in some ways I did. In other ways, I really didn’t, but that’s partly why I ran again. I value inclusivity and representation, and I think GUSA’s unfortunate reputation as being a white boy’s club can turn Hoyas from all sorts of marginalized communities off, so I’m slowly hoping to work on putting a dent in that image.


Isaac Liu (COL ’20) – Government & EconomicsI mainly ran to make sure the voices of freshmen in LLCs in my quad were heard and in order to offer my ideas to greater community. I plan to work on issues surrounding the arts (particularly the music/visual arts scene), technology, and possibly sustainability although I may introduce and work on projects in other areas as well. Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia


benBen Baldwin (SFS ’19) – International Politics: I am a sophomore in the SFS from Middleburg Heights, OH. In my second year in the GUSA Senate, I hope to continue to work on sustainability and master planning initiatives. I believe that together we can make Georgetown green again. A fun-loving Taurus, I plan to make this representative student government as student-oriented and representational as possible.


East Campus (LXR, Alumni Square, Nevils, Townhouses)

fullsizerender-1Zainab Feroze (SFS ’18) – STIA: Hey, everyone! I’m Zainab Feroze, a junior in the SFS majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. I’m a nerd who enjoys The Office as much as I love coding, a liberal who was raised in a town where cows outnumber people, and a student who spends more time at Sweetgreen than in Lau. But most importantly, I’m a firm believer that every Hoya — regardless of their background or circumstances— has the right to experience all the best Georgetown has to offer. As a former member of GUSA’s Multicultural Council, I hope to continue advocating for Hoyas of all races, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses. If you have any questions, slide into my DMs. Hoya Saxa!

_dsc0618Alex Bobroske (SFS ’17) – International Politics: I spent the last year building the Crenushe machine, serving both as Enushe and Chris’ Campaign Manager and then Chief of Staff for the first half of their administration. After increasing demands for SWUG representation in the Senate and avocados on campus, I assumed the role as Chairman of the SWUG Party in September 2016. As SWUG Party Boss, I helped exponentially grow the SWUG Party, capturing 1/5 of the GUSA Senate seats in the recent election. I looks forward to continuing to working on institutional reform started at the beginning of the Crenushe Administration, as well as better engagement of seniors in campus issues while advocating for avocados.

img_9049Habon Ali (SFS ’18) – Regional & Comparative Studies: I am originally from Kenya but now reside in Minnesota. I am interested in international development and the advancement of women’s right. This year I hope to bring socioeconomic issues on campus on the senate agenda. I believe that as an organization we  need to serve the needs of the student body and socioeconomic issues are one of the most pressing problem many students face at GU.


10714107_10203365238023931_7088278394490335284_oMarisa Hawley (SFS ’17) – International Politics: I am happy to declare that I will be assuming the position of Secretary of Defense for the SWUG administration…just kidding. Although I have previously been involved in the running club team, the Journal of International Affairs, and the Voice during her time at Georgetown, this will be my first time actually participating in GUSA instead of writing about it. Despite my washed-up senior status, I look forward to serving fellow off-campus students by raising awareness of senior-specific concerns and advocating for avocados. I will also work to contribute to GUSA’s advocacy for improved mental health resources on-campus and for greater student awareness of those resources.

14434848_1099627593418478_8883826572754071840_o.jpgJennifer LeBeau (MSB ’17) – Accounting: Hello SWUGS and future-SWUGS! I come to GUSA as a new Senator after three years on the Hilltop being involved in New Student Orientation, the Georgetown University Grilling Society, and GU Signs. With no previous experience in student government, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the Senate and help to close the GAAP between the representatives and the student body. I will proudly serve as the SWUG Party’s Minister of Finance and Sergeant of the First Avocado Battalion, championing the causes of mental health policy, accessibility, and avocados for all.


13895373_10154555882972590_3535177016770838738_nMichael Hosbein (COL ’17) – English: Hey guys!  I am VERY excited to be a part of GUSA.  I was a little nervous that Chicken Madness was going to beat me for the spot, but here I am!  This is my first year as a senator, but I hope to bring my perspective as a senior to the student government!  For a little more about myself, I’m from Chatham, New Jersey, I have a yellow labrador retriever, and on campus I am very involved with club sports!  Looking forward to serving you all this year!

alejandroAlejandro Serrano (MSB ’17) – Finance & Accounting: Hailing from the South Florida’s Atlantic coast, I replace the Chicken Madness ticket for the Off Campus GUSA election, having garnered the 5th most votes. Despite no student government experience, I will bring new insight and an eagerness to help improve student life and involvement in its government. As SWUG Director of Intelligence and Party Whip, I look forward to increasing accountability and transparency in GUSA to better engage with the student body.


13047930_10153693530350197_111344784842170057_o (1).jpgScott Lowder (COL ’17) – Government: Greetings, undergraduates of Georgetown! I am thrilled to be representing all of you in the GUSA Senate this year, especially as important changes to the structure of our student government are being discussed. As SWUG Party Attorney General, I will be working on expanding access to avocados, restoring previous levels of funding for Georgetown Day, and ensuring the pasta line’s existence for decades to come. I will also work to continue GUSA’s advocacy for sexual assault survivors and free speech protections for students. If you have a SWUG issue (or any other issue) you want addressed, always feel free to reach out to me!

cherieCherie Vu (COL ’19) – Political Economy: I am a Sophomore in the College majoring in Political Economy representing At-Large, and am now Vice-Speaker of the Senate. I decided to run for GUSA again because I am proud of all the work that we have been able to in the past year and I can’t wait to continue the momentum we have going. When I’m not doing GUSA, I’m probably eating jalapeño chips and listening to Drake.


GUSApicture.pngJuan Martinez (SFS ’20) – International Politics: Hey everyone, my name is Juan and I am from Dallas, TX! I decided to run for GUSA Senate because I love Georgetown and want to play a part in helping it continue to be such a great environment. Of course there are many ways in which our campus can be improved, and that’s why this year I want to focus on diversity initiatives to promote inclusivity on campus and on making GUSA’s decision-making more accessible and transparent to our student body. 🙂

richieRichie Mullaney (COL ’18) – Government & American Studies: I’m from Jacksonville, Florida and enjoying the last few days of the warm weather in DC. This year, the Senate will be focusing on working with students typically underrepresented in GUSA. As Speaker, I hope this focus helps to make the Senate more inclusive, receptive, and productive.