What’s a Hoya: Professional Mentorship


Every year, GUSA holds three sessions of What’s a Hoya, a program intended to educate first-year students about life at Georgetown with the incentive of increased housing points for their sophomore year. This past weekend, What’s a Hoya held three modules on mentorship, with one module’s focus being professional mentorship.

Speaking to the first year students were three current Georgetown undergraduate students, an MBA student, the recruiter for the Cawley Career Center, and the Director of the Cawley Career Center (located in Leavey Center next to the bookstore).

One of the biggest pieces of advice given by the panel was to utilize Georgetown alumni resources for professional mentorship. The panel was in agreement that alumni want to hear from undergraduate students, learn more about their experiences, and help in any other ways they can.

“Hoyas will help Hoyas regardless of major or school.” – Matt Kelly (COL ‘08), current MBA student and representative for Hoya Gateway, an online resource for Georgetown students to reach out to alumni for advice and jobs.

Even as a freshman, many Hoyas worry about what comes next: internships, jobs, graduate schools, etc. The panel discussed how a lot of this panic is unnecessary, and how there isn’t one set path for any student. They found mentors in alumni, professors, and even older students. Simply talking to them helped the members of the panel in their own professional development by offering tips, getting them connected to others in their field, and helping them think big-picture.

“Keep an open mind, but if you know what you want to do, go for it.” – Mike Shaub, Director of the Cawley Career Center.

The panel encouraged students to major in something they like, not just something they think will get them a better job down the road. Multiple members on the panel started as pre-med and ended with degrees from history and theology to psychology. Georgetown provides so many opportunities to its students and helps them prepare for life beyond the Hilltop — reaching out to professors, alumni, and other students for guidance will help get you where you want to go.


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