Meet Comms!


You may hear a lot about different GUSA policy teams on campus, from Mental Health to Arts to Socioeconomic Inclusivity. There’s one group that is behind the scenes, coordinating social media campaigns for different events and getting the word out about what on Earth GUSA is doing: Communications! Here are the faces behind our Facebook page, blog, outreach efforts, videography, weekly newsletter, and so much more.

nataliaDirector of Communications: Natalia Peña

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, I am a Senior in the College double majoring in Government and History and minoring in Justice and Peace Studies. I’m the Director of GUSA’s Communications team, the Co-Chair of TEDxGeorgetown, a Choreographer for Rangila and a Zumba Instructor at Yates. When I’m not busy, I can be found playing Assassin’s Creed on my Playstation 4 or eating acai bowls.
thomasDeputy Director of Strategic Marketing: Thomas Massad

Hi! My name is Thomas Massad and I’m Deputy Director in the GUSA Comms department. Natalia and I are the only seniors in Comms, so I feel like the grumpy old man of the group, particularly since I’ve been involved with GUSA since my freshman year. I originally participated just because I thought it was something I should do, but I really got into it when I saw the amazing work that GUSA was doing. As a GSP student, it was an enormous help for me when an old administration (Trevor and Omika) secured four years of university housing for myself and a whole host of other students. It’s not something a lot of students around campus knew about, but for myself and other students like me it was hugely significant. People don’t often hear about GUSA’s enormous accomplishments–in Comms, we’re trying to turn that around!

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Deputy Director of Social Media/Blogmaster: Angela Caprio

Hey Georgetown! I’m Angela Caprio, and I am a sophomore double-majoring in German and Political Economy. I have greatly enjoyed my work in GUSA Communications, beginning with my work doing Social Media for the Crenushe campaign last spring. GUSA Comms has given me the opportunity to be creative, and at the same time, do the important task of increasing the transparency and accessibility of the student government. “What does GUSA do?” is a very important question for the student body to have, and we want to keep the answers readily available — from the weekly blog and weekly tabling (Thursdays 11-5!) to daily Facebook posts. I’m so proud of the work that we do here, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

kevinDeputy Director of Social Media/Graphic Design: Kevin Durham

Hi! I am Kevin Durham and I am the current Deputy Director for Social Media for the Georgetown University Student Association and a Sophomore in the McDonough School of Business majoring in Marketing and Finance with a minor in Studio Art. I am from Washington, DC, and I completely fascinated with Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep and Williams-Sonoma. I love cooking and discovering new cuisines — my speciality is butternut squash lasagna and my favorite movie is Death Becomes Her (Watch It)
I’ve been a part of GUSA since my freshman year where I was a member of the Academic Reform policy team and the Freshmen Executive Committee. I remember hearing so many people say how GUSA does nothing, or that they had no idea what was going on throughout campus and I knew that joining the communications team would allow for me to ensure that every student had the ability to learn about the things going on on campus.

kaylanDeputy Director of Graphic Design: Kaylan Coke

I am a sophomore from sunny Miami, Florida, studying Global Health in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. I serve as the Deputy Director of Communications on the Georgetown University Student Association after serving as the Director of Graphics under Crenushe campaign. I am currently a Blue and Gray Tour Guide and work for The Corp IT+Marketing Department as well as the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access as a Student Peer Facilitator for ‘A Different Dialogue’. When I’m not dreaming of 75° weather or at a Comms meeting, I enjoy eating lots of mac & cheese, and listening to Beyoncé.

13131105_10209314770655603_8700744840386952516_o.jpgDeputy Director of Videography: Nick Gloria

My school year is 2019, I’m currently undeclared, and I’m from Newton, Massachusetts. I joined GUSA because I wanted to help Student Government have a more positive image on campus, and more specifically GUSA because I love video and music. On campus, I work for GUSA, Phantoms A Cappella, Hilltoss, TEDx, and Unsung Heroes. My favorite music to edit to is Kanye, Travis Scott, and Lil Yachty, and my dream job is to spend the 25th and 26th years of my life making music videos for and up and coming rapper. If I were a character from a sitcom, I would be Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, because he’s lovable and sadistic.

cat-cafe-me-2Graphic Designer: Angela Bai

I am a senior in the College majoring in biology and minoring in business administration. I am the Arthropod Extermination Specialist for the Rooted House on Magis Row. Additionally, I’m really good at finding parts in a Word document where there are two spaces by accident. In my free time I like to fry eggs and collect cardboard boxes for the purpose of art, and I am the happiest when I have food in both hands. By the end of 2016 I will have been both above the Arctic Circle and below the Antarctic Circle. Show her a typeface and she will tell you what it is.

Webmaster: Tiffany Tao

IMG_2885Newsletter & Polling Director: Roey Hadar

I am a senior in the SFS studying International Politics, and I am the creator and editor of the GUSA Weekly Newsletter. I am originally from Fair Haven, NJ, down the Jersey Shore, although I get quite annoyed if you mention the TV show of the same name. Although not a veteran of GUSA, I enjoy the work that I do with Comms. When I’m not at a Comms meeting, I can often be found sitting in the HFSC watching a major sporting event, running the Quiz Bowl club’s bi-weekly practices, or dancing like no one is watching at Hoyas’ men’s basketball games.

sitting-senate-photoSenate Liaison/Director of Logistics: William Morris

Hey everybody! My name is William Morris and I am really excited to be a part of the GUSA Comms team again for this upcoming year. I served as a Senator last year and initially got involved with Comms as a liaison with the GUSA Senate. This year, having been re-elected, I look forward to continuing this role! Within Comms, I formally serve as Director of Logistics (and informally as Master of Fork Acquisition). I’m from Dallas, Texas, and had lived there my whole life until coming to Georgetown. Aside from GUSA, I participate in Ultimate Frisbee and Chi Alpha on the Hilltop. Interestingly, I have a twin sister who also attends Georgetown! Overall, I’m definitely looking forward to all the great things the Comms team will accomplish this year!

New Members!

august-graduation-pictureSecretary of Communications: Augie Iorio

Hey I’m Augie and I’m a freshman in the SFS from Westchester, New York, planning on majoring in International Politics. I wanted to join Comms because I think it’s important that the student body understands how transparent GUSA is and how they can benefit best from its services. However, in that spirit of that transparency I feel obliged to disclose that the Tuxedo I’m wearing in my picture is fake.

11732024_866293740130164_6275778951333093885_oDeputy Blog Coordinator: Lille Brow

Hi! I’m Lille Brown and I am a freshman in the SFS, c/o 2020! I’m thinking about majoring in International Politics — subject to change. I’m so excited to be joining COMMS and GUSA as a whole! I want to help the Comms team create messaging that will resonate with the entire student body, making each club/association member understand that they are important to GUSA. I’m so pumped for this year!



Version 2Secretary of Outreach: Paula Hong

Hello Georgetown! My name is Paula Hong and I am a freshman in the College. I am currently undeclared, but hope to major in Government and minor in Journalism. Growing up playing golf, a huge part of who I am is getting to know and meet new people. This is a big reason for why I wanted to join GUSA’s Communications team – because I would love to get to know every member of the Georgetown bubble! Thanks!


grace-chungVideographer: Grace Chung

Hello! My name is Grace Chung, and I am a freshman in the College. I’m currently undeclared (surprise, surprise) but am potentially thinking about double minoring in Spanish and business administration. I have never been involved in student government, and I thought joining Comms would be a good way to get my feet wet. I have also had a growing interest in marketing and advertising, and this team seemed like the perfect space to learn just that. So far, I have been loving it- namely, the brownies and the excessive amount of forks for finger foods at my very first meeting. I hope to be a source of help for anyone who needs it, and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone :~)

img_2822Deputy Newsletter Coordinator/Graphic Designer: Cate O’Leary

Hi, my name is Cate O’Leary! I’m a member of the School of Foreign Service Class of 2019 majoring in International Economics and minoring in French. Outside of my studies and GUSA, I’m a member of the Georgetown University Women’s Rowing team, the Minnesota State Chair for GAAP, and an SFS Economics tutor. This year, I joined the Comms team to develop my creative design skills and to make the things GUSA does for Georgetown students well-known. I’m very excited to be a part of GUSA and I can’t wait to start working!


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