Bringing Brown House Back to Students


Recently, the administration has removed Brown House as an option for student housing and will instead be used as a house for a high-profile administrator or faculty member.

Aside from the obvious impact on the Georgetown social scene, this change raises a number of concerns about campus planning, as listed on the Save Brown House Facebook event by GUSA Deputy Chief of Staff Ari Goldstein.

  1. This block of N Street is the last remaining block of students-only housing in the neighborhood.
  2. This change removes 8 student beds, a further reduction in non-dorm housing options near campus.
  3. The previous campus plan removed 18 student townhouses that became faculty housing–allowing Brown House to become faculty housing will set a dangerous precedent.
  4. Money will be spent to renovate a house for an administrator rather than spend money for much-needed renovations to many student residences.
  5. GUSA has formally signed the petition as well as over 1000 students.
  6. The administration converting Brown House into faculty or administrator housing was not discussed in conversations about townhouse conversion in the fall.
  7. We are aiming not only to bring Brown House back to students, but also pushing back against putting faculty into student housing.
  8. The Provost’s Office has since agreed to look at other options, but there has been no clear commitment in regards to giving Brown House back to students.

Check out the Save Brown House Facebook Event


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